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source: Our Warwick

The kick starts to my MA studies went a little bit horrific

After I caught you in the list dear phonetics

I really thought I have done enough linguistics

Ah again, you sponge me and my all cognetics

Similar to my purse being supressed by discounted cosmetics.

Kid me not,

Grammatical theories is a tough stuff which will burst out my slimy heart soon enough

With its peculiar lexicons slowly breaking me into half

I am done, let’s take a break like a brit eating cream puff

But not Mr Radford, Hageman or Kroger in touch

Because they will philosophise me like a Falstaff

By knocking my nightmares for choosing this path.

101 misconceptions about linguistics

Is not about deciphering A to Z on the page

Or writing essays about the pet you keep in the cage

Not even expecting a birthing polyglot onstage

Because it is a huge deal of an abstract element

Forming a constituent under a certain circumstance

Flip your head away if someone degrades its relevant

Only you linguist can break the uncertain(s).

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