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Saif Al-Quds

No names needed in these poetries

Because we do have the sanity

To understand the issue of humanity

And recognize everything about hypocrisy.

On the eve of Eid

You make the babies bleed

Tormenting their sleep

With shells, grenades and frags

You proudly carry your flags

While breaking into their empty street

To steal a land that you have no ownership.

You strip away their schools, toys and big pools

Nothing is left behind except a shattered stool

That shall be the proof of a broken rule

During the promising day, you’re nothing but a fool.

They say you don’t have flaws

But in 70 years of crises and wars

You still couldn’t get the victory

Because this is a land protected by the Almighty.

Yet you have the audacity

To ask for some kind of solidarities and securities

After destroying the innocence with an act of immorality

By breaking the law, mercilessly.

You are the definition of oppression, violence and terrorism

For doing so much devastation

Since the displacement of Nakba, The Catastrophe

To the people who refuse to knee and wanted to be free

In their own cities, they live in atrocities

Caused by your selfishness and poor mentality.

These are the unspoken tragedies

Of crying families

Who have been breathing the phosporus air

From the late 40s till the millennials heir

In the age of twenty-first centuries.

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