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If Heaven had Visiting Hours

If heaven had visiting hours

I would take the first flight every day

Even if it is on Saturday or Sunday

Just to say ‘hey’ and make sure that, ‘you’re okay?’

Tell me,

‘why can’t you stay?’

A little while for me to replay

All the thoughts I put about you in the essays

Before you left me for an eternal getaway?

If heaven had visiting hours

I would dress in white with some beautiful flowers

To show you how kind the weather is on Earth

We will walk along the coastlines by the sea harbour

With our feet damped from the wave showers

Tickling the memories, we had, be it sweet or sour

Hun, today is special, it is ours.

If heaven had visiting hours

I would tell everyone that I am on a journey

So please, don’t worry if the porch is left lonely

Because I am on a mile-long drive till half past five

To a destination that I shall forever be alive

Don’t ask if I am coming home anytime soon

Because I will, but is yet sure on which moon?

If heaven had visiting hours

I would want to tell you that there is an ache within my heart

To live without you is the hardest part

But now I shall return you to the angels with a goodbye

And making my way down to see you up high silhouetted against the sky

To a resting place that I really wish to drop by

Yes, nothing lasts forever, let alone these eyes cry.

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