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Fear and doubt are part of our writing until now. That’s why we are here in the first place. Just like so many others, we have always wondered if anyone wants to hear what we have to say? And if we have practiced our writing enough? Why the Grammar sounds so wrong? Does our stories matter to anybody? Well, we want to get past it, with many of us onboard in The Wordspaces. Either you have been published, are self-publishing or yet to publish anything but have interesting insights to share? Get involved with us at The Wordspaces and be a part of the community!

If Heaven had Visiting Hours

If heaven had visiting hours I would take the first flight every day Even if it is on Saturday or Sunday Just to say ‘hey’ and make sure that, ‘you’re


Mother’s Love

She’s the most selfless humankind definitely Someone whom I was in her lady’s belly Too tiny, nobody else can barely see From white chalks to instant diapers and tippy She’s


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