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Mother’s Love

source: Fix The Photo

She’s the most selfless humankind definitely

Someone whom I was in her lady’s belly

Too tiny, nobody else can barely see

From white chalks to instant diapers and tippy

She’s the perfect match of a symphony

-in isn’t she lovely?

For the days and nights of her tender care

That turns over to my biggest blessing share

I wonder how the constant was, is still there

in every affair, calamity and despair

I never will be left un-bare!

Dial her zero one nine and count until three

-are you okay, sweetie?

She told me kindness is not expensive

Never mistook it as something offensive

Because nobody can tell the payback incentive

Sent by The Most All-Knowing God

as an ultimate gift

I promise her I won’t run my life like a solitaire

And shelter her a home like love is in the air

Even when she walks on wheelchairs

I pray hard we will be back to heaven in pair

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