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Dear You

source: Supa Dupa

Those tanned wrinkles hands, held me tight

Even though the grip is no longer right

I felt the love that warmed inside

Praying hard it won’t subside.

Looking at the veins that popping out

Made me realised what it is all about

I was too busy growing up

While you are bustling with check-up.

Dear you, that has always been there

How could I ever return the care?

Showering me with all the treasure

Until I have nothing other than pleasure.

I am your little sunshine on this birthday

Dreaming to brighten you up every day

There are no words needed to be express

How thankful I am for this bless.

Dear You, that has always inspired

Have I ever told you how I admired?

Without giving up in your vocabulary

It also run through my capillary.

Dear You, can I say thank you?

For standing strong

For teaching what is wrong

For memories that live lifelong

For the home that I felt belong.

Dear You, my forever first man

Your little girl is becoming a woman

She just wants you to know for a moment

She is eternally your little woman.

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