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Summer at Heaton Park

Heaton Park, Manchester - Times of India Travel
source: Times Travel

Through the sunshine on an evening Saturday

I took my first tram to the Heaton Park

And I was as happy as a lark.


Is always the season of the year

In its blue and glowing days

These are the people

That radiate its rays

They are like bubbles

Warm, cosy and irresistible

Floating all around like the merry ground

In the play ground

Passing along that brighter smile

Just the same way I had when I was a little child.

We have grown much

Like the daisies in the spring

To spread kindness and always be loving

In an upside down feeling

They unknot the thread of obscurity

And tell me ‘it is okay, no worries’

Even if we ran out of the tress

We can still put on our shades

And fill the tummy with something homemade.

Corndogs, cucur udang kuey toaw and more

It is heavenly a basket of sweet galore

We put aside the dissertation anthem

Turn on the music

Till we froze our feet

For the pain we get over this beautiful friendship

And dance with glee to the rhythm.

And if we trip onto the ground

We will wake up eights

Flying the goal up high

Till it reaches the sky.

Thanks peeps

For making this plce

More than just a home to friendly squirrel

And a depressing home to dark circle.

We will walk again

To this garden of poetry

6558 mile between us

Is like the space within

The ribs that becomes my breathe.

And if I were to tell something to u dear Manchester

It would be, ‘see u again in the next summer’

Till we catch the Frisbee

Selfie and sing to the song of epiphany.

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