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Huda Jafni

I have been featuring my works for the past 9 years on more than 20 printed and media outlets including newspapers, anthologies, magazines and websites. My first collaborated poetry book, ‘A Peace of Us’ was published in 2018 and I have performed spoken word poetry in numbers of venues such as Georgetown Festival, Monsters Among Us, Manchester Central Library etc alongside prominent literary figures including Anthony Lawrence, Gerry Potter, Joy France and more. Among others, I was the winner of Wilayah Aksara Poetry Slam. My latest milestone was to be selected among 500 performers worldwide for World’s Breaking Poetry Marathon at London Criterion Theatre for my best-known piece, ‘My Mathematician Ex-Boyfriend.’

Summer at Heaton Park

Through the sunshine on an evening Saturday I took my first tram to the Heaton Park And I was as happy as a lark. Summer Is always the season of


Saif Al-Quds

No names needed in these poetries Because we do have the sanity To understand the issue of humanity And recognize everything about hypocrisy. On the eve of Eid You make



The kick starts to my MA studies went a little bit horrific After I caught you in the list dear phonetics I really thought I have done enough linguistics Ah



I see myself from a perspective That my body is made of defectives For not being able to drop jaw Be admired and leave people staring in awe. Because beauty


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