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source: embrace mindfulness

I see myself from a perspective

That my body is made of defectives

For not being able to drop jaw

Be admired and leave people staring in awe.

Because beauty nowadays

Is having minimal flaws

Validated from numerical counts of likers

And a long list requests fighting to win over

Someone’s love on tinder.

I am the definition of insecurity

With an extreme conscious

Over a word that is so obnoxious

When a society aligns ‘perfect’ with ladies on magazine covers

Whose odd bumps cloaked beneath piles of powder

And green salad instead of big mac during winter

For a glassy skin straight hair and curvy figure on the camera

That made me hated the reflection of myself on the mirror.

I shouldn’t get weakened by offensive analogies

As rude as you seem to fit in my pocket shortie or

you look like a moon with those acnes.

For that shows he is not worthy of being my yours truly

Because beauty doesn’t fall for the collar bones that show

Rather for a heart in the dark it glows.

Like the flowers that do not look at each other

Wishing they could be a different colour

Here’s a little reminder,


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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