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The rain fell when the wind blows

Made we crave of hot chocolate and marshmallows

Little did we know about the rainbows

Bringing hope after the shadows.

When the droplets flow heavily

I prayed in my heart sincerely

Cause’ Allah said pray to me

So, I said “May the rain that you drop bring benefits to me.”

In our life there will be downpour

That will block our endeavour

Even its pitch black like cumulonimbus

We can turn it back into the brightest nimbus.

The sun will shine after the rain

So does our efforts will not go in vain

Gather our strength and keep going

Happiness will never betray the ending.

Even though the rain will keep pouring

That’s how the life that we are living

Courage will become one of our remedies

Walking our destiny like honey lemon candies.

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