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Aimuni Azizan (berkAT)

Assalamualaikum and Hello. I am a Malay linguistics student aiming to bring a different view about languages. I love to read and write. I believe that writing comes from how you view the Almighty blessing and how it made you love Him more. I believe that if what you wrote comes from your heart, it will also touch other hearts. I am just a significant part of His creation. I hope that my writing will become your solace and balm besides putting a smile on your face.


The rain fell when the wind blows Made we crave of hot chocolate and marshmallows Little did we know about the rainbows Bringing hope after the shadows. When the droplets


Dear You

Those tanned wrinkles hands, held me tight Even though the grip is no longer right I felt the love that warmed inside Praying hard it won’t subside. Looking at the


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