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“Finished this wholesome book that I’ve enjoyed reading so so much. So far I’ve only come across poetry books which only has a specific theme yknow mostly about love or heartbreaks but man, this one’s different. It touches on every aspect of life ranging from family, friends, relationships, studies and hardship and just life in general. There’s some on heartbreaks and love which I LOVE but the poems that moved me the very most are the ones that touches about life and hardship and family.

Knowing that Huda Jafni is a USM student (I’ve met her for approximately 10 mins and she’s such a delight!), she slipped in some terms that i think only USM students could understand and relate to (like the places and names) which is wonderfully entertaining to read.

Overall, it was such a beautiful book, I enjoyed and devoured every page with all my heart. Cried here and there, not gonna lie hah! Highly highly recommended.

P/s: This book was self published by the authors and I really hope real publishers recognize this book and publish it!!!!!”

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