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Creative Workshops for Merdeka Artisan Week

Date: 11, 12 and 13 August 2023 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Location: Kulim Landmark Central Kedah

Landmark Kulim Central recently buzzed with artistic energy as we brought our expertise to the heart of the city in celebration of Hari Merdeka Artisan Week. Our workshops aimed to foster creativity and unity through hands-on workshops, with a focus on the art of DIY Batik Painting and the personalized charm of DIY Name Keychains.

The heart of the event pulsated as participants entered our curated workshop space located on the first floor of the mall. Our skilled local instructors ensured that each participant had the opportunity to explore this unique craft with proper guidance. As the creative process unfolded, participants marveled at the choices of batik painting printing. We are glad that both workshops, beyond being a creative endeavour has become a cultural exploration, connecting individuals with the rich tapestry of Malaysian artistic traditions.

Simultaneously, in another side of the workshop area, the DIY name keychain workshop, another gem in The Word Spaces’ repertoire has allowed participants to infuse their personality into a tangible creation. From selecting vibrant wooden alphabets to crafting intricate patterns, each participant embarked on a personalized creative journey.

The inclusivity of the workshops was a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity across generations. Families, friends and individuals of all ages came together, breaking down societal barriers and sharing in the joy of artistic expression. The younger participants, guided by our skilled instructors, proudly displayed their vibrant keychains, while adults found a renewed sense of wonder in the intricate patterns emerging from their childhood memories.

To enhance the festive ambiance, our team adorned the workshop space with patriotic hues and thematic decor in celebration of Hari Merdeka Artisan Week. Malaysian flags fluttered proudly by the mall management, instilling a sense of national pride and unity among participants.

As the workshops drew to a close, Landmark Kulim Central bore witness to the transformation of mere participants into a community united by shared experiences and artistic endeavors. The Batik Painting and DIY Name Keychain workshops created during these 3 days event serve not only as tangible symbols of creativity but also as reminders of the collective spirit that flourished during the Hari Merdeka Artisan Week celebrations at Landmark Kulim Central.




Aug 11 - 13 2023


10:00 am - 8:30 pm


Kulim Landmark Central

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